Dirt Rally racing game review


Dirt is a rally racing video game that was created by Codemasters (and published by the same company) for use on Microsoft Windows. In April of 2015, an early version of the game was released via Steam (the digital distribution service). In December of the same year, the full version of the game was released. Versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are scheduled for release on April 5, 2016.

Dirt Gameplay

The game, as the name suggests, is focused on rally driving. There are timed stage events in which players must compete in. these events take place in a number of weather conditions and on either tarmac or on other, off-road, surfaces.

Upon its release, the game featured a total of 17 cars and 36 stages from locations that actually exist on the international rally circuit. There is also an asynchronous multiplayer system in the game. There are plans for developing a multiplayer system that actually involves players as well as development of rally-cross.

Game Development

The game was created and then later published by the British company, Codemasters. It was developed with the Ego video game engine. The process of game development started with a really small team subsequent to the 2012 release of the video game, Dirt: Showdown.20150529133652

The company had spoken of creating a simulation with this game. The then began developing a handling model and then making racing tracks. Dirt Rally features a number of physics models that appeared in various titles of the series, but have been reconstructed from scratch.

An initial version of this game was shown to journalists towards the end of 2013, but Dirt Rally was not formally announced ’til April 2015. It was released on that very day for Windows in initial access on the digital service Steam.

The game’s director, Paul Coleman, said that saw the importance of publicly releasing an incomplete version of the game with the intention of allowing the team responsible for its development to get comments from initial players. He showed an interest in debuting Dirt Rally on video game consoles at some point in the future though he also said that it was not likely at the moment because it was an early access game.

Codemasters planned to bring into the game a bunch of new locations, cars, and game modes in a series of monthly updates, and also to make a few tweaks to the gameplay through the entire early access. The full version was released on December 7, 2015. Dirt Rally will see its release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 5, 2016.

Public Reception

The first people to play the game had very positive reviews towards it.Metacritic, the review website, gave Dirt Rally a rating of 86 percent. Another review site, GameStar, awarded Dirt Rally a 90 percent rating. It also called the game the best in rally simulation and one of the best car racing games ever.


Many have had only positive things to say about this game, with many applauding the direction the developers have taken with this one. Dirt Rally is quite possibly the best game under the “Dirt” brand name.

It is definitely worth playing. We’ll give it a rating of 85 out of 100.

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